Uran-9 to make its combat debut in Syria(?)

The latest edition of The Sunday Times, published on 8 January, 2017, featured a story titled “Russia to deploy tank drone”. Citing unnamed “western intelligence sources”, the story alleges that:

“The Uran-9 is due to make its operational debut in the next few months as Russian-backed Syrian forces fight to regain control of territory occupied by Isis.”

The next day, on 9 January, 2017, numerous Russian news outlets, including RIA Novosti (in Russian) and Sputnik, run a piece in which Viktor Murakhovsky, Editor-in-Chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland journal stated that:

“There is no secret in that Russia is using its combat robots in Syria, not only the Uran-6 mine-disposal ones, but also the Soratnik and Nerechta systems. As for the Uran-9s, I’m not ruling out that that they could pop up in Syria, along with other systems”.

Somewhat contradictorily, in the same breadth, Murakhovsky stated that he:

“doubted the veracity of the British media reports, adding that mainstream media often present information taken from Arabic-language social networks as one coming from their sources within the intelligence community.” Supposedly hinting at the article published in The Sunday Times a day before.

So watch this space, Uran-9 fighting platform might make its combat debut in Syria in the coming months, provided that it already has not.

Image: VTS Bastion, A.V.Karpenko (c) 2016

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