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U.S. underwater scooters in use by Rosgvardiya combat divers

A few months ago on Lake Baykal, 12 teams of combat divers belonging to different unspecified “power structures” competed over the course of five days. Considering that all three units to come out on top where from the National Guard Troops(FSVNG), formerly the Interior Troops(VV MDV) – Vityaz (Knight), North-Caucasus and Siberian regional command respectively, it is probably safe to assume that all 12 teams that participated in the competition belong to various Rosgvardiya(FSVNG) units. That and the fact that it took place at the 5th Separate Instructional Maritime Division’s FSVNG headquarters in Severobaykalask, formerly 31st Maritime Instructional Squad of the VV MVD. On one of the shots taken during the tournament(main image), a combat diver is seen using U.S. based Submerge Inc. made scooter, UV-18 to be exact.


Couple of years back, VV MVD combat diver belonging to the Murmansk based 2nd Maritime Squad(pictured above), was spotted with another Submerge Inc. underwater scooter – UV-26. It is therefore quite likely that FSVNG combat divers have inherited Submerge Inc. scooters from the Russian Interior Ministry(MVD).


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