OKO-2 ground-penetrating system active in Syria

On 15 January,2016, Russian REN TV aired a report form Syria, about Russian army operations in the city of Aleppo. OKO-2 AB-150M ground-penetrating radar(GPR) and it accompanying remote control unit can be clearly seen from 1:34 mark on the REN TV video below(in Russian). Oko-2 is employed in Syria to detect IEDs and ordnance stashed underground and to uncover warren of rebel tunnels.

Developed by the Moscow based Logis-Geotch company, the system’s antenna operates at a high frequency of 150MHz and uses electromagnetic pulses to penetrate and visualise the subsurface at 0.35m resolution. AB-150M can penetrate up to twelve meters deep. Its portable antenna measures 85cmx62cmx18cm and weighs 16,2 kilograms.

Screen shot of the remote control unit

The AB-150 wheeled antenna of the OKO-2 system was also observed(pictured above) a couple of weeks ago, in a set of photographs of Russian sappers in the Southern Aleppo, courtesy of the Russian Ministry Of Defence.

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