Special Forces

National Guard adopts handheld through-wall radar

The Federal National Guard Troops Service (FSVNG) has adopted indigenous through-wall radar into its service. Weighing 800 grams, stenovizor R0-900 is, according to its manufacturer Logis-Geotech, able to detect moving targets through a 40cm thick wall at up to 11m distance. In addition, RO-900 is able to detect a sound of human breathing through a 30cm thick wall at up to 5m away. This makes RO-900 applicable in search and rescue missions, as well as during special operations and surveillance missions.

Logis-Geotech also offers more capable but bulkier RO-400. RO-400 has been in use with the FSB’s Centar of Special Forces (CSN) for a couple of years. RO-400 is able to detect targets at the maximum range of 21m.

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