Mine clearing robot and jammer spotted in Syria

In a latest set of pictures released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on 2 January, 2017, featuring Russian sappers in Aleppo, Syria, a mine clearing system Uran-6 and BTR-82A mounted RP-377UVM2 jammer are clearly visible.

Mine clearing system Uran-6, Aleppo, Syria, 30 December, 2016. RP-377UVM2 jammer mounted atop BTR-82A APC is partially visible in the background.

RP-377UVM2 is a JSC Sozvezdie Concern made jammer used for suppression of radio signals used in remote activation of improvised explosive devices(IED). RP-377UVM2 has also been spotted mounted atop BTR-82A APC during the Russian mine and IED clearing operation in Palmyra, Syria back in April 2016.

Images: Russian Ministry of Defence