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In-service Listva spotted with 39th Rocket Divison

A few weeks ago, Russia-24’s Channel 5, reported on the 39th Guards Rocket Division based near the Russian city of Novosibirsk. In the footage below(in Russian) amongst vehicles protecting the latest RS-24 Yars(MIRVed Topol-M) ICBM motorcade were Taifun anti-sabotage vehicle and more pertinently, remote mine-clearing vehicle(MDR) 15М107 Listva(Foliage). MDR Listva has undergone testing in 2013-2014 period and was officially accepted into service in 2015. Apparently, 20 vehicles of this kind are to be in service with the Russian Army by 2020. estimates that between 5 to 8 vehicles are in active service at present.

MDR Listva is based on the KAMAZ-53269 chassis. This specialised vehicles has apparently been exclusively designed for protection of the mobile ICBM launchers on the move, such as Topol, Topol-M and Yars. Information about Listva is scarce, which comes as a little surprise considering its intended purpose of sole service with Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces(RVSN).

MDR Listva

From snippets of information available from a variety of open sources, it is alleged that the detection range for mines is up to 100 meters at 30° azimuth. It is thought that Listva detects mines using a parabolic antenna mounted atop KAMAZ-53269. Apparently, it is also able to suppress radio signals used in remote activation of IEDs. Furthermore, it is claimed that Listva is able to neutralise explosive devices at up to 70 meters distance from the vehicle using microwaves. Listva has been designed by the Ryazan based OAO Globus design bureau, and is produced by the Krasnodar based, JSC Kaskad plant. It is manned by five crew – driver, commander, systems operator and two sappers.

Images: RIA Novosti; Russia-24.

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