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Admiral Kuznetsov’s deployment was not just for showmanship

Russia’s sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kunzetsov is back home in the Murmansk region after taking part in the Syrian military campaign. According to Nikolai Evmenov, commander of the Russian Northern Fleet, in-all, 420 sorties were conducted, 117 of them at night. Genetically, Soviet designed Proekt 1143.5 was not intended for power projection ashore. Ability of […]


Mine clearing robot and jammer spotted in Syria

In a latest set of pictures released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on 2 January, 2017, featuring Russian sappers in Aleppo, Syria, a mine clearing system Uran-6 and BTR-82A mounted RP-377UVM2 jammer are clearly visible. Mine clearing system Uran-6, Aleppo, Syria, 30 December, 2016. RP-377UVM2 jammer mounted atop BTR-82A APC is partially visible in […]