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New battledress and “cap” for spetsnaz

On 7 March, 2017, Russian Izvestia news agency ran a story under a rather bombastic heading “Spetsnaz orders “anatomic” uniforms”. Uniform in question seems to be, more or less, a copy of spetsnaz popular Crye Precision’s G3 Combat Pant and Filed Shirt, albeit in the A-TACS FG (Foliage/Green) camouflage pattern. Branded “anatomical” by Izvestia, due […]

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German SD 414 in service with Russia’s Special Operations Forces

On 3 November last year, one of Russia’s leading news agencies RIA Novosti published an article in which Stuttgart based ROTINOR GmbH “device designer” Anthony Simmonds alleged that military grade Diver Propulsion Devices (DPD), also known as Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV), have been supplied to the Russian Army. According to Simmonds, who appears to be […]

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Hybrid AK for the hybrid age (featuring exclusive images)

Ever since General Valery Gerasimov’s paper on gibridnaya voina was published back in 2013, term hybrid war or hybrid warfare has become somewhat of a catch phrase amongst Russian defence and security experts alike. Add to that terms such as hybrid economy or hybrid state, often encountered in the West in reference to modern day, […]

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2nd OBr SpN GRU Spetsnaz ordnance

Over the last few days some images that purportedly show Russian military intelligence(GRU) special forces(spetsnaz) officers and their equipment have been gradually seeping into the Russian social media ether. Officers in question apparently belong to the 2nd Independent Brigade of Special Purpose of the GRU or Otdelnaya Brigada Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya (OBrSpN) as it is known […]