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New battledress and “cap” for spetsnaz

On 7 March, 2017, Russian Izvestia news agency ran a story under a rather bombastic heading “Spetsnaz orders “anatomic” uniforms”. Uniform in question seems to be, more or less, a copy of spetsnaz popular Crye Precision’s G3 Combat Pant and Filed Shirt, albeit in the A-TACS FG (Foliage/Green) camouflage pattern. Branded “anatomical” by Izvestia, due […]

National Guard

U.S. underwater scooters in use by Rosgvardiya combat divers

A few months ago on Lake Baykal, 12 teams of combat divers belonging to different unspecified “power structures” competed over the course of five days. Considering that all three units to come out on top where from the National Guard Troops(FSVNG), formerly the Interior Troops(VV MDV) – Vityaz (Knight), North-Caucasus and Siberian regional command respectively, […]