BMD-4Ms, Rakhushkas and Verbas handed over to 137th Guards Air Assault Regiment

On December 25, 2016, the handing over ceremony of the latest weapons and equipment took place in the Russian city of Tula in the presence of commander of the Russian Airborne Troops(VDV) colonel general Andrey Serdyukov and other dignitaries.

33 BTR-MDM Rakhuskha armored personnel carriers(APCs) and BMD-4M infantry fighting vehicles(IFVs), plus various other weapons and equipment, including the latest Russian MANPAD 9K333 Verba, were handed over to the 137th Guards Air Assault Regiment(PDP) in Ryazan. An unknown number of Verbas are already in service with the 98th Guards Air Assault Division(VDD).

Other pieces of equipment that can be spotted in the above video are: Arbalet-2 parachute system, the latest version of Tigr(Tiger) all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle – Tigr-M, snowmobile Snegokhod A-1, quad bike RM500-2 and different components of Ratnik-2 infantry combat system, such as AK Obves modernisation kit and open holographic sight – 1P87. Interestingly, the latest K4386 Typhoon-VDV (Wolverine) was also on display(pictured below). It is most probably undergoing army trials with the 137th PDP.

Images: image above http://bmpd.livejournal.com; main image – still taken from the Ryazan Gazette video

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