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Redfellas, Piranya and Cali Cartel

A couple of weeks ago, on 17 December,2016, V.V.Putin averse blog www.putinism.wordpress.com(in Russian) published an interesting story titled “Our First Ton of Cocaine”. The post in question recounts, in some detail, a rather well known story about Miami based Ukrainian mobster Leonid Feinberg aka Ludwig Feinberg aka Tarzan and his attempt to, amongst other things, […]

Rocket Forces Pointers

In-service Listva spotted with 39th Rocket Divison

A few weeks ago, Russia-24’s Channel 5, reported on the 39th Guards Rocket Division based near the Russian city of Novosibirsk. In the footage below(in Russian) amongst vehicles protecting the latest RS-24 Yars(MIRVed Topol-M) ICBM motorcade were Taifun anti-sabotage vehicle and more pertinently, remote mine-clearing vehicle(MDR) 15М107 Listva(Foliage). MDR Listva has undergone testing in 2013-2014 […]


BMD-4Ms, Rakhushkas and Verbas handed over to 137th Guards Air Assault Regiment

On December 25, 2016, the handing over ceremony of the latest weapons and equipment took place in the Russian city of Tula in the presence of commander of the Russian Airborne Troops(VDV) colonel general Andrey Serdyukov and other dignitaries. 33 BTR-MDM Rakhuskha armored personnel carriers(APCs) and BMD-4M infantry fighting vehicles(IFVs), plus various other weapons and […]


Mine clearing robot and jammer spotted in Syria

In a latest set of pictures released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on 2 January, 2017, featuring Russian sappers in Aleppo, Syria, a mine clearing system Uran-6 and BTR-82A mounted RP-377UVM2 jammer are clearly visible. Mine clearing system Uran-6, Aleppo, Syria, 30 December, 2016. RP-377UVM2 jammer mounted atop BTR-82A APC is partially visible in […]