FSB heavyweight(s) in Switzerland(?)

On 31 January, 2017, at 11:40(GMT), tweeted a grainy still(below) of Russia’s Federal Security Service(FSB) Tupolev Tu-214VPU aircraft parked on the Zürich Airport tarmac. Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, behind the Russian Tu-214VPU was Azerbaijan Airlines registered Boeing 767-300ER – used by the Azeri government for VIP transport purposes. Azerbaijan VIP 767-300ER 4K-AI01 & Russian […]

Special Forces

2nd OBr SpN GRU Spetsnaz ordnance

Over the last few days some images that purportedly show Russian military intelligence(GRU) special forces(spetsnaz) officers and their equipment have been gradually seeping into the Russian social media ether. Officers in question apparently belong to the 2nd Independent Brigade of Special Purpose of the GRU or Otdelnaya Brigada Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya (OBrSpN) as it is known […]

National Guard

U.S. underwater scooters in use by Rosgvardiya combat divers

A few months ago on Lake Baykal, 12 teams of combat divers belonging to different unspecified “power structures” competed over the course of five days. Considering that all three units to come out on top where from the National Guard Troops(FSVNG), formerly the Interior Troops(VV MDV) – Vityaz (Knight), North-Caucasus and Siberian regional command respectively, […]